‘Fight For My Way’: A relatable love story

By. Kate Seo


“You’re like this inflammatory acne to me. It puffs up on its own, then it dies down. It hurts, then it doesn’t. It’ll die down if I leave it, but it hurts so much when I pop it. That’s how it’s been like for 20 years.”

It’s happened before – we’ve developed crushes on our friends, even best friends, and it’s no secret how difficult it is to like someone so much, and to be afraid to lose them because of those feelings.

And that is exactly what Ae Ra from the latest Korean drama “Fight For My Way” is going through.
The fact that almost everyone can relate to her dilemma is why the series is becoming more and more famous.

The drama is about a young woman and a young man developing their relationship, from friendship to becoming lovers. And there’s a reason why fans couldn’t leave their seats and watch this Korean drama all day long.




Now, her inflammatory acne popped. But this time, it was not painful. It did not leave any scar. “I’m in trouble. Why do I think you look pretty even when you are crying nowadays?” – Dong Man.

Ae Ra, who has been best friends with Dong Man for 20 years, confessed her feelings. People relate to this since everyone has friends from the opposite sex, and at one point or another, had a little crush on them.
However, it is a sad reality that sometimes, friendships don’t last forever. One of the many reasons is because of how we tend to feel about our friends. Ae Ra had this stage. She couldn’t control herself; she couldn’t help but fall in love with Dong Man.
“Fight For My Way” is a drama that everyone can relate to. Everyone can be enlightened about life, dreams, love, suffering and friendship by watching “Fight For My Way”.



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