Tips to be as beautiful as Kim Ji Won

by. Kate Seo

Kim Ji Won’s beauty is always outstanding! As a charismatic female soldier in descendants of the sun or a bright career woman in Fight for my Way, she rocks every look. What is the secret tip to suit any role? Let us take a look at Kim Ji Won’s beauty tips to be charming and beauty as her!

The important step for skincare is “moisturizing and exfoliating.”


According to Kim Ji Won, the key element for perfect skin is exfoliating. She said that smooth and moist skin will absorb the skin care product easily and faster. She also added that it is necessary to apply sunblock all the time. To pick the best skin care product, she said that it is important to check if the product has antipollution protection. So that she can protect her skin from having acne caused by dust.

Kim Ji Won shared her secret tip to sooth her overheated skin from daylight. “I drink a lot of water and put a cold cotton pad dipped In ample on each cheek to sooth my skin.”


From Yoon Myung Joo of Descendants of the Sun to Choi Ae Ra of Fight for My Way.


To style like charismatic Yoon Myung Joo from Descendants of the Sun, Kim Ji Won’s Hair and Make Up Artist said she used darker shade foundation to express tanned skin. She used natural make up but to show sharpness, she drew eyelines and eyebrows sharper than usual. For tough and strong image, she applied nude tone lipsticks.



However, in the drama Fight for My Way, Kim Ji Won portrayed a brighter character. So she used more vivid colors on her face and curled her hair for more interesting look. To show the image of an assertive career woman, she used brighter shade foundation to lighten her skin tone. To highlight her bubbly personality, she used pink and coral colors for her lips and cheeks and curled her bangs.

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