What is it like to be in Busan? Why is it so precious?

by. Kate Seo

FFMW (5).jpg

Did you know Fight for my Way was shot in Busan?




My grandmother always told me that Busan is the best place to live in Korea. And now I know what she means. When I visited Busan for a week, I realized that people are friendlier and city is less crowded compared to Seoul. The city is not as fancy as the center of Korea, Seoul, and yet it is full of warm-heartedness.


On my way back to my grandparent’s house in Busan from Seoul, I was touched by an old lady who offered to hold my backpack. I was rushing not to miss the subway in order to arrive another station, going to Busan(Literally I needed to ride “Train to Busan” haha), on time. With almost 6kg backpack, I was so exhausted by 3-hour travel time and had no energy to walk. When I arrived to Busan, an old lady pitied me and did not hesitate and said, “Give your backpack. It looks heavy. I will hold it for you.” It is and is not a small offer; even though I declined, I felt like I had enough energy to bear.

I sometimes feel dizzy when I am in the middle of tall buildings. On the town where my grandparents lived were quiet and old-fashioned; I felt somehow free from heartless world. The best thing to do was to feel the summer breezes on the balcony and look at the laundries, trembling in the wind. Or I go out and fill my stomach with a street food that costs less than 2500won/100 pesos. (It is really cheap compare to others in Seoul.) I always wonder how they can maintain their stalls. Probably because they are selling not for money but for people.

In this digitalized world, you may miss some analogue sentiment. Busan is where you can feel comfort. Not too fancy, not too old. Not too nosy, not too careless. Busan will be your next travel bucket-list. Do not miss to check “Fight for My Way” and “Innocent Man” set in Busan.

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